Language Variation & Cognition Lab

About our research

Our research group shares the following general goals:

Selected presentations


Biggs, Alison and Tamminga, Meredith. Dialectal and individual variation in the Done My Homework construction. NWAV 45, Vancouver, Canada, Nov 6.

Tamminga, Meredith. Linguistic flexibility and phonemic awareness in sound change. NWAV 45, Vancouver, Canada, Nov. 6.

Wade, Lacey Arnold. Phonetic vs. contextual cues in communication between merged and unmerged speakers. NWAV 45, Vancouver, Canada, Nov. 6.

Tamminga, Meredith. Empathy, flexibility, and conformity in a sound change in progress. LabPhon15 Satellite Workshop on Personality in Speech Perception and Production, Cornell, July 17.

Gylfadottir, Duna. ┬┐Quien lo di[s]e? Effects of talker dialect on lexical decision involving a merged phoneme. SVALP, Virginia Tech, April 1.

Tamminga, Meredith. Individual differences in naturalistic matched guise performance. SVALP, Virginia Tech, March 31.

Bacovcin, Hezekiah Akiva and Tamminga, Meredith. Linear order and syntactic structure in sentence priming. CUNY 29, University of Florida, March 4.

Gylfadottir, Duna. Effects of talker dialect on lexical decision involving a merged phoneme. LSA Annual Meeting, Washington D.C., Jan. 9.


Tamminga, Meredith. Modulation of the following segment effect on coronal stop deletion. NWAV 43, University of Toronto, Oct. 23.

Sneller, Betsy and Fisher, Sabriya. Syntax, stigmatization, and the sociolinguistic monitor. UKLVC 10. York, UK. Sept. 2.

Tamminga, Meredith and Zellou, Georgia. Cross-dialectal differences in nasal coarticulation in American English. ICPhS 18, Glasgow, Scotland, Aug. 10.

Ahern, Chris, Ecay, Aaron, and Tamminga, Meredith. Disentangling style and priming using Generalized Additive Models. Causality in the Language Sciences, Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, April 14.

Ahern, Chris and Tamminga, Meredith. A data-driven approach to stylistic identification.LSA Annual Meeting, Portland, Jan. 8.